Quarry Driveway and Peregrine Update

The quarry driveway is now OPEN.  Please drive slowly unless you want to trash your undercarriage on the water bars.

Peregrine bans are in effect for the following cliffs (up to date at of 4/22/2014):

Upper Upper West Bolton

Marshfield Ledge left of Solipsism (the slabs)



At this time, no other cliffs are listed as closed….

Muddy Trail Advisory


While Crag VT does not explicitly close trails on our property during mud season, we ask that users exercise good judgement.   If the trail to the crag is looking like the picture shown here, maybe you might want to consider climbing elsewhere.  Let’s try to keep our trails looking good, by waiting until they are dry.  Bypassing wet spots only serves to braid the trail and increase erosion.

CRAG-VT Savage Seven event a huge success and Winter/Spring 2014 CRAG-Rag now available online

Check out our blog for the results from the Savage Seven Event held at Petra Cliffs on April 5th.  While you are there, check out the latest CRAG-Rag – winter/spring 2014!

CRAG-Rag Winter/Spring 2014

CRAG-VT Board Meeting – 6:30 April 1st at West Monitor Barn (VYCC) in Richmond

CRAG-VT’s April 1st board meeting will be held at the Monitor Barn in Richmond VT, headquarters of the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, who has graciously provided us a meeting space for April.  If you would like to attend and need directions on how to get to the Monitor Barns, please contact info@cragvt.org.

See you there!

Bolton Quarry Parking – Important !

Due to the ongoing expense of plowing the quarry driveway in the winter, CRAG-VT has elected to not keep the driveway open in the winter.

If you are planning on climbing in the quarry, please observe the following parking guideline:

Under no circumstances should you park on Green Mountain Drive.  There is a good likelihood that if you park on Green Mountain Drive you will be towed at your expense.  The best place to park is Smiley school just west of Green Mountain Drive on Rte 2. Park your vehicle and walk along Rte. 2 and up Green Mountain Drive to the quarry.  Also, please assume that the driveway is closed if there is snow on the ground and do not go up Green Mountain Drive to check.

Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the ice!




CRAG-VT is pleased to announce that board members and officers have been announced for 2014.  Four board members are new to the board this year – John Casari, Derrek Anderson, Tim Farr, and Danny Kuzio.  We are psyched to have them sign on!  Board members Dave Crothers, Travis Peckham, Seth Maciejowski, Kel Rossiter, Steve Charest, Andrea Charest and Dick Katzman were elected to the board for another term.  Andrea Charest, CRAG-VT’s treasurer from 2013, was reelected as Treasurer for 2014 – BIG THANK YOU Andrea!

Long time board member Kel Rossiter has been elected to the Secretary position. Seth Maciejowski, was reelected CRAG-VT president for another term and new board member Derrek Anderson stepped up to the plate to become Vice President for 2014.

After over a decade of service on the CRAG-VT board, Ross Perry has elected to step down from the board due to family commitments.  Thank you Ross for your many years of hard work!

Also leaving the board this year were Nate Furman and Dennis Delay.  Thank you for your service and we’ll see you at the crags!