Climber Created and Run

CRAG Vermont is an organization created and run entirely by climbers and for climbers. Our efforts go directly to conserving, protecting and expanding access to climbing in Vermont. 

created by climbers, for climbers
CRAG Vermont

As a non-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, our mission is to support Vermont’s climbing community by securing, protecting & conserving access to cliffs and other climbing resources.

We Secure Access to Vermont Cliffs
  • We build long-term relationships with landowners to maintain access to cliffs located on private property
  • We collaborate with the VT Agency of Natural Resources to ensure that climbing on state lands is done so responsibly and in alignment with environmental and recreation management plans
  • When necessary, we purchase property & obtain conservation easements to ensure long term access to threatened climbing areas
We Steward Vermont Climbing
  • We organize and conduct trail maintenance and volunteer clean-ups
  • We collaborate with the Vermont Nongame and Natural Heritage Program to protect the threatened and endangered species that live in cliff ecosystems
  • We inform climbers, land managers and the public of access, environmental and historical climbing information
We Build Community 

By hosting events, including member meet-ups, stewardship days, speaker series, film showings, and the Vermont Climbing Festival

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Members make the work of CRAG Vermont possible, and as a Member your donation is used to protect climbing in Vermont. Members also receive awesome benefits — like discounted memberships at local gyms and discounts on gear.

Vermont Climbing Festival

Join us September 24-26th, 2021 for the third annual Vermont Climbing Festival. Come learn, climb, camp, celebrate & get to know the Vermont climbing community!


As a non-profit, we rely on the efforts of local climbers to help us accomplish our mission. We have all types of volunteer opportunities, from trail work to event planning, graphic design and everything in between.  Join the community today!

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Current Projects

With projects all over the state, CRAG Vermont is always working on something new, stewarding existing lands and creating new opportunities for climbing, community, education and partnerships.  Below you’ll find a selection of our current high-priority projects.  Consider helping out or donating!

The Bolton Dome

Goal: $467,000  Raised: $400,000

Raised 85%

Closed for decades, CRAG-VT purchased the Bolton Dome property in 2017 with the help of a $356,000 loan from the Access Fund. To date, this is CRAG’s biggest climbing area acquisition. The Dome is now protected for permanent conservation and recreation. CRAG-VT seasonally rents parking lot use on behalf of climbers from the neighboring landowner. This is a complex project for CRAG-VT; we have incurred an estimated $100,000 in additional expenses associated with property assessments, attorney fees and legal filings, and establishment of the conservation easement.  Our goal is to repay our entire loan by July of 2022 — help us close it out!

Vermont Climbing Festival

Now in it’s third year, the Vermont Climbing Festival is becoming an annual tradition. Join over 300 northeastern (and beyond!) climbers for a weekend of camping, climbing, skill building, stewardship and fun! If you’re interested in getting involved as a guide, workshop facilitator, volunteer, or sponsor — reach out to us at This is also our biggest annual fundraiser, the proceeds of which help fund our other projects.

Climber Parking

If you’re a Vermont Climber you know that parking is a challenge, and all of our Bolton Crags require creative work to maintain adequate parking! We are committed to working with the town of Bolton to find long term recreation parking solutions that assure forever access to the climbing areas we’ve worked so hard to protect. For us, this requires a big time investment, and in many cases these projects come with infrastructure expenses as well.

Show Your Support

There are many ways to support Vermont Climbing. Click here to learn more about becoming a  corporate partner, major donor, or member. 

A Few of our accomplishments

A brief look at the many milestones of CRAG Vermont

2003 – Lower West
Lower West was donated to the newly formed CRAG-VT (2003)
2004 – The Bolton Quarry
Purchased the Bolton Quarry and acquired a conservation easement to ensure permanent climbing protections (2004)
2008 – The 82 Crag
Acquired a conservation easement for the 82 Crag to ensure permanent climbing protections (2008)
2009 – Upper West Bolton
Purchased Upper West Bolton and acquired a conservation easement to ensure permanent climbing protections (2009)
2010 – Carcass Crag
Purchased the Carcass Crag and added the cliff to the Bolton Quarry Conservation Easement (2010)
2012 – Quarry Driveway Repairs
Rebuilt the driveway to the Bolton Quarry (2012)
2016 – Agency of Natural Resources
Developed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Climbing Management Plan with the State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (2016). This 5 year effort established CRAG-VT as the de facto liaison between the State and the climbing community, and helps in the management of areas including: Mt. Pisgah, Smugglers’ Notch, Mount Wheeler, and Marshfield Ledge.
2017 – Lone Rock Point
Formed a relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont at Rock point and opened Lone Rock Point to climbing (2017)
2017 – The Bolton Dome
Purchased and permanently protected the Bolton Dome (2017)
2019 – Vermont Climbing Festival
Hosted inaugural Vermont Climbing Festival (2019)