Bolton Dome Project

You may have heard the rumblings at the office water cooler, or maybe the local swimming hole…well, it’s true! CRAG-VT has signed an agreement to purchase The Bolton Dome (formerly known as the Trailer Park Crag).  That said, the work to actually make it into a viable new addition to VT’s climbing scene has only just begun.


Thanks to a loan from the Access Fund, we hope to purchase the Bolton Dome property in late 2017.  A great first step, but we have to repay that loan, and many additional steps remain, before the cliff can be formally opened to climbing!

Costs we’ve already incurred:

  • Property Assessment
  • Home inspection
  • Legal Filings
  • Water Testing
  • Hours of Attorney Fees

Additional Costs to come:

  • Attorney Fees
  • Property Transfer Tax
  • Easement Holdings
  • Boundary Line Adjustment Application
  • Sewage Inspection
  • Construction of driveway/parking lot
  • Kiosk construction

History and Future of Bolton Dome

Bolton Dome was the original place to climb in the Burlington area. Unfortunately, it was closed in the late ’80s because climbers did not respect the landowner’s property. Through many years of negotiation, the current landowner has decided to sell their house and the adjoining property containing Bolton Dome to CRAG VT. Many years of positive dialogue between Dr. Katzman (a former CRAG Board Member) and the landowners led them to approach CRAG and allow us to make a first offer on the property. While it was a nice gesture, it was far more than we could imagine raising in the needed timeline of selling a house. Luckily for climbers, the incredible organization of the Access Fund looks out to help climbers far and wide. CRAG Vermont applied for and secured a loan for $350,000 allowing us to purchase the property in a timely manner and to make this project turn from a dream into a reality. We now look to subdivide the property and resell the house, while forever protecting the cliff for climbers.

Bolton Dome

So what now? Realistically, now the real work begins.  First the $350,000 loan to purchase the property must be paid back to the Access Fund.  Beyond that, many thousands of dollars in legal fees, applications, surveying, and closing costs come with a project of this magnitude. In the end, CRAG Vermont needs an estimated $100,000 in additional funding to cover the costs not paid back with the resale of the house.

How Can YOU Help?

  • MEMBERSHIP/DONATIONS: First and foremost, become a member.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s only $25.  Click Here.  There is no clearer way to say it:  We will definitely need your financial support to see this project through. Please also consider a special one-time donation for this project. To donate directly to this project, click here.
  • NOT SURE IF YOU’RE STILL A MEMBER?:  We realize this has been a problem in the past and we will be updating our membership plan so that memberships all begin at the start of each year.  You can email us Here to see if you are now current.
  • TALK WITH YOUR FRIENDS & CLIMBING PARTNERS:  It will take the entire Vermont community of climbers to convert this longtime dream into a reality.  Let your friends and climbing partners know the importance of being a member and supporting the efforts.
  • VOLUNTEER: There will be several fundraising and development efforts on the horizon.  Stay abreast of these events by making sure CRAG-VT emails aren’t going to your spam folder, checking your “Promotions” folder to see if CRAG-VT emails are going there (info on how to make this email go straight to your Inbox can be found Here), and by following CRAG-VT on Facebook.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA:  Post all your VT climbing shots with #cragvt, and #cragvtmember
  • GOT AN IDEA?:  If you know of grants we can apply for, or you have contacts in the land preservation community, or skills you can contribute to our fundraising causes, we will definitely want to hear from you in the coming months!
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