Pledge Your Support
become a major donor

Support from Major Donors is the bedrock that helps us respond to the evolving needs of the climbing community.

What is a Major Donor?  Quite simply, it’s you.  Someone who is committed to Vermont climbing.  Committed to securing the cliffs and trails for yourself and future users.  Someone that believes that we must steward our lands, make our cliffs safe, and build a strong community in pursuit of the ideals of our mission.  Because if we don’t, we may lose access to it or, more seriously, potentially destroy it.

A Major Donor is someone that has the resources to financially support CRAG Vermont in a larger, more impactful way.  It’s for individuals or families that are willing to give $250 or more annually as a pledge of support to the outdoors and our mission of responsible recreation.


Our Major Donor program is designed to attract and recognize individuals or families that give $250 or more annually.  The exact amount you give, however, is up to you, your needs and situation, and how much you wish to support CRAG Vermont.

We have Major Donors that join our program at the $250 threshold level, as well as members that choose to give more, consistent with their ability.  Whether you join us at $250 or $10,000, we are grateful and glad to have you as part of this unique program.


is a major donor also a member?

Your pledge to the Major Donor program will also enroll you as a Member of CRAG Vermont for one year, so you get the benefits of general membership as well as the extras that the Major Donor program provides.

If you would like to be a donor but would like to opt out of becoming a member for any reason, we can make that happen as well.  If that’s the case, we’d encourage you to consider a standard donation in any amount.


Special Benefits for MAJOR DONORS

All Major Donors receive the same benefits as Annual Members, with some additional rewards.

We thank Major Donors with special acknowledgement on our outreach materials and annual report, and with invitations to CRAG gatherings.

Major Donors also receive an annual tax receipt for charitable deduction purposes.

Some Major Donors like to wear their support proudly in the form of CRAG Vermont stickers and the official t-shirt.  If that’s you, let us know when you pledge your support and we’d be happy to send some additional gifts your way.