Make a Donation

Would you like to contribute to CRAG Vermont?

Just looking to pitch in? You can make a secure, simple one-time donation by clicking the donate button below.

*if you’re looking to join as a member, please use the Join CRAG Vermont page, where you can join as a Sustaining Member or Regular Member, at any dollar amount you choose. If you’d just like to make a donation, use the button below.

How Much Should I Give?

That’s up to you! We are enormously grateful for any amount you’d like to give. It’s sounds cliche, but we mean it when we say that every dollar helps!

On our donation form we’ve created some simple options for you to donate at various levels, but you can donate any amount you like. Don’t like what you see on the donation form? Just tell us how much you’d like to give and we’ll make it happen.

Want to Give Regularly?

We’ve made that easy for you too! Just choose (or enter) the amount you’d like to give, and let us know if you’d like to give that just once, or on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis! We’ll make it happen.

Support a Specific Project

If you’d like your money to be allocated to a special project, just let us know when you make your donation!

  • Bolton Dome Project (Purchase, Parking, Maintenance, Etc…)
  • Bolt Replacement Efforts
  • Land Maintenance (Taxes & Trail Work)
  • Business Expenses (Administration, Website, Marketing, Legal Fees, etc..)

or simply donate to the area of greatest need and we’ll get your money directly to where it will be best utilized.

Option to Donate in Honor of a Person, Company or Completely Anonymously

Prefer to Send a Check?

You can do that too! Simply mail your contribution check, payable to “CRAG-VT” to: P.O. Box 614, Richmond, VT 05477. 

We are happy to process membership fees via check as well. If you are sending in a check to join as a member, please indicate: (1) the Member Name to appear on the membership card; and (2) the email address to which the card should be sent. Please note that compared with joining online (recommended), additional processing time will be needed before you’ll receive your membership card.

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