Become a member today to help protect and preserve Vermont’s climbing resources and secure your climbing future.

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As a not-for-profit (501(c)(3)) organization, CRAG Vermont relies entirely upon our membership to help us accomplish our mission. Your membership dollars go directly to our crags while also providing you with exclusive member benefits and the knowledge that you’re part of a very special community.

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It’s members like you, offering support year-after-year, that keep us moving forward. Need to renew your membership for another year? Just follow the link below. It couldn’t be easier.

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Major Donor Program

Major donors are individuals and families giving over $250 annually to CRAG Vermont.  We thank major donors with  acknowledgement on our outreach materials and annual report, and with invitations to an annual donor appreciation gathering.

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Make a one-time donation to CRAG Vermont and support the natural climbing areas you love. Want to support a specific project? Donate in honor of a loved one? Or just continue to give back to your community? You can do that here.

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