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Be A Climbing Steward

Whether you’ve climbed for 40 years or are new to the sport, please keep yourself informed with current climbing ethics and best practices. Our sport is fast growing, and it’s our job to serve as caretakers of the precious natural areas that we love. That means respecting local climbing guidelines, learning about and respecting the cultural history of climbing lands, maintaining good neighbor relations, caring for the local ecosystems of which our cliffs are a part, and mentoring new climbers to also be responsible stewards. Sign the climbers pact and stay engaged!

Commit to The Access Fund Climber’s Pact:

  • Be considerate of other users
  • Park and camp in designated areas
  • Dispose of human waste properly
  • Stay on trails whenever possible
  • Place gear and pads on durable surfaces
  • Respect wildlife, sensitive plants, soils, and cultural resources
  • Clean up chalk and tick marks
  • Minimize group size and noise
  • Pack out all trash, crash pads, and gear
  • Learn the local ethics for the places you climb
  • Respect regulations and closures
  • Use, install, and replace bolts and fixed anchors responsibly
  • Be an upstander, not a bystander
Photography: Ted Schiele
We work to promote responsible stewardship and reduce environmental impacts by conducting trail maintenance, volunteer clean-ups, and producing educational materials throughout the season. Stay tuned to our events page to learn about upcoming trail days.