Rock Point

Rock Climbing at Lone Rock Point

2018 Annual Report

Lone Rock Point is a spectacular and unique limestone crag less than 1 mile from downtown Burlington, VT.  It offers an amazing setting with difficult sport routes and magnificent views on the shores of Lake Champlain.  Lone Rock Point Cliff is open to climbing under a special use agreement signed between CRAG-VT and the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont.  Access will only be maintained through strict adherence to the rules outlined below.  Not following the property requirements may result in loss of access to the cliff.

Lone Rock Point Cliff Use Guidelines

  • All climbers must get a Rock Point Property Pass via the process described here : We highly suggest making a donation to the Rock Point Center as part of the process.  It will help to mitigate fees incurred by CRAG-VT to ensure access and allow the Rock Point Center to continue to offer their unique property to the general public.
  • Every time that climbers access Lone Rock Point, they must sign in at the kiosk located at the Diocesan offices parking lot and utilize the marked trail to reach the cliff. Please sign out when leaving.
  • Climbers must abide by closures as indicated on the calendar at the kiosk.  CRAG-VT will try to keep you updated via our website, however the Diocese reserves the right to close the property at any time.
  • The number of climbers is limited to 8 at any given time.  Please check in with the register at the kiosk to ensure that there is adequate capacity.
  • Lone Rock Point is open during daylight hours for climbing.  No camping or fires are permitted.
  • Practice leave-no-trace ethics and keep the area cleaner then you found it.
  •  Stay on established trails and do not trample vegetation.  
  • CRAG-VT and the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont are not responsible for any fixed anchors found at Lone Rock Point.  We make no guarantees about the integrity of any hardware found at Lone Rock Point.
  • Climbing is restricted to currently established routes.  In the future, the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont will consider opening more of the cliff to climbing provided that we have good compliance with the guidelines described here. Please do not add any additional fixed gear to the cliff without prior authorization from the Rock Point Management Committee.
  • Any issues with the process or the property may be directed to or the Rock Point liaison, Peter Clark.

Thank you for respecting the rules and please consider a donation of time or money to CRAG-VT to help keep Lone Rock Point open and to open other areas for climbing!

For more information regarding Rock Point and its mission please review

Current Route Topo is found here


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