Our Work


CRAG-VT is a non-profit dedicated to preserving and protecting Vermont climbing. Our work spans from securing access to cliffs, serving climbers and stakeholders as an educational resource, and helping to nurture a responsible and strong climbing community in Vermont.
Vermont Climbing Access
Gene O. Desideraggio on Quiggly 5.7 at the Dome. Photo Credit: Michael Pronzato
  • We build long-term relationships with landowners to maintain access to cliffs located on private property
  • We collaborate with the VT Agency of Natural Resources to ensure that climbing on state lands is done so responsibly and in alignment with environmental and recreation management plans
  • When necessary, we purchase property & obtain conservation easements to ensure long term access to threatened climbing areas
  • We organize and conduct trail maintenance and volunteer clean-ups
  • We collaborate with the Vermont Nongame and Natural Heritage Program to protect the threatened and endangered species that live in cliff ecosystems
  • We inform climbers, land managers and the public of access, environmental and historical climbing information
Community Events
Board Meetings - CRAG
  • We host events including member meet-ups, stewardship days, speaker series, film showings, and the Vermont Climbing Festival
  • Serving as a central locus of the Vermont climbing community!
Photography: Ted Schiele


  • Hosted inaugural Vermont Climbing Festival (2019)
  • Purchased and permanently protected the Bolton Dome (2017)
  • Formed a relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont at Rock point and 0pened Lone Rock Point to climbing (2017)
  • Developed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Climbing Management Plan with the State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (2016). This 5 year effort established CRAG-VT as the de facto liaison between the State and the climbing community, and helps in the management of areas including: Mt. Pisgah, Smugglers’ Notch, Mount Wheeler, and Marshfield Ledge.
  • Rebuilt the driveway to the Bolton Quarry (2012)
  • Purchased the Carcass Crag and added the cliff to the Bolton Quarry Conservation Easement (2010)
  • Purchased Upper West Bolton and acquired a conservation easement to ensure permanent climbing protections (2009)
  • Acquired a conservation easement for the 82 Crag to ensure permanent climbing protections (2008)
  • Purchased the Bolton Quarry and acquired a conservation easement to ensure permanent climbing protections (2004)
  • Lower West was donated to the newly formed CRAG-VT (2003)
Photography: Ted Schiele

CRAG-VT a not-for-profit (501(c)(3)) organization dedicated to preserving access and conservation of Vermont’s climbing resources. We serve the climbing community of Vermont through a variety of mechanisms:

  • Preserve and aid in the protection of climbing opportunities in Vermont by building and maintaining long-term relationships with landowners. Current and future access will be fostered through outright purchases of property, obtaining conservation easements, or securing landowner agreements.
  • Serve climbers, land managers, landowners, and the general public as an educational resource for responsible climbing, access status, historical information, species and habitat protection, and legal matters.
  • Promote responsible stewardship and reduce environmental impacts by conducting trail maintenance, volunteer clean-ups, and producing educational materials