2019 Closures

Please refer to this list for the current state of access for all Vermont cliffs. It is of the utmost importance that we as a community respect these closures so that we can keep access unimpeded going into the future.

Northwest Vermont

Lower West BoltonOPEN 

Upper West BoltonOPEN

Upper Upper West BoltonCLOSED AREA – Peregrine Falcons have commonly nested at Upper Upper West. The 2018 nesting season has concluded and the entire cliff is now open. For reference the following is a photo of the 2018 closure area:

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 11.13.10 AM

Bolton DomeOPEN – It is very important that we do not block the view of our neighbors when they are leaving their driveways. The best place to park is on the South side of Route 2 across from Champ Lane. From Route 2, walk up Champ Lane and turn right at 122 Champ Lane. Walk up the driveway for about 50 feet and turn left up the logging road that hugs the treeline. Cross under the powerlines and you will see a trail that turns off of the road as you approach the cliff.

Do not drive or park on Champ Ln. All parts of Champ Ln. are private property that is not owned by CRAG-VT and parking on Champ Ln. will result in your car being towed. This includes the driveway of 122 Champ Ln. The walk is 22 minutes from the school to the base of the cliff.

Lone Rock Point – OPEN – All climbers must get a Rock Point Property Pass via the process described here: rockpointvt.org/rock-point-… . We highly suggest making a donation to the Rock Point Center as part of the process. It will help to mitigate fees incurred by CRAG-VT to ensure access and allow the Rock Point Center to continue to offer their unique property to the general public. Every time that climbers access Lone Rock Point, they must sign in at the kiosk located at the Diocesan offices parking lot and utilize the marked trail to reach the cliff. Please sign out when leaving. The number of climbers is limited to 8 at any given time. Lone Rock Point is open during daylight hours for climbing.

Bolton Quarry – OPEN – Please drive under 10 mph once you are on green mountain drive as the locals are very sensitive to speeding and noise. Speeding will threaten access to this area.

Carcass CragOPEN – (see Bolton Quarry parking information)

82 Crag – OPEN – (see Bolton Quarry parking information)

Pit Crag – OPEN

Bog Wall – OPEN

Bone Mountain – CLOSED – Peregrine Falcons have commonly nested at Bone Mountain. For the 2019 season, they have taken up a nest on the Eastern portion of the cliff. All routes between “Lost in the Forest” and “Skeleton Crack” are closed until further notice.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 5.06.01 PM

North Central Vermont

Smuggler’s NotchOPEN

Prospect RockCLOSED Peregrines have been spotted at Prospect Rock. Their presence was confirmed but whether or not they are nesting is unclear at the moment. The lookout and climbing are closed (and signed) for the time being until the nesting status can be confirmed. If they turn out to not be nesting, the closure will be lifted in a few weeks.

Butcher’s CragsOPEN

Mid Vermont

Deer Leap – OPEN

Lake Dunmore – OPEN

Brandon Gap – OPEN

Central Vermont

Marshfield Ledge CLOSED AREA   Peregrine Falcons are nesting at Marshfield Ledge for 2019. Climbs between and including Requiem for a Dreamer and the Proud and Free buttress are now closed.

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 5.30.37 PM

Spice Mountain – OPEN

Owl’s Head – OPEN

The Northeast Kingdom

Wheeler Mountain – OPEN

Mount Hor – OPEN

Bald Hill – OPEN


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